About Frank Weymann

In 1987 I started my carreer as a chef: At the hotel "Four Seasons" in Munich, as an intern. From there I went straight to begin an apprenticeship with
"Hotel Atlantic" in Hamburg.
I passed with distinction, got hired by the "Four Season" Hotel Hamburg before returning to the "Atlantic" after a year.
It was then when I decided to study Nutritional Science and Dietetics, with a degree in Chemistry and Physics. Here, I learned in theory what came in handy
during my job as Jürgen Suré’s assistant food stylist.

After my diploma I became a fulltime freelance food stylist in 1999.

Since 2011 I can offer my clients a fullservice for stills, as I run my own still studio in Hamburg.

All that images you will see on my website were made by my team.

Please browse through the following pages to see a choice of my portfolio of the past years.
Have a good surf!

Frank Weymann