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Über uns

My Story

Passionated by food since I was a young boy I started my chef apprenticeship at the famous hotel “Atlantic Kempinski” in Hamburg. After working some years as a chef, I decided to go further and started my academic studies in sciences of nutrition. During this time, I had the chance to work as a food styling assistant for and with one of Germany’s best food stylists at this time. I finally became a free-lance food stylist after I graduated in 1999.

23 years and more than 800 commercials later I work worldwide (Europe, South America, USA, South Africa,) for the biggest food brands.

Since the early 2010’s I have a team of food stylists & assistants working for me. Within Food Studio Weymann we offer a full service like food styling, tabletop direction, food photography, recipes development and consulting.

But, so far so good… as not being a man of many words, I prefer letting my work speak for me. Just have a look and enjoy.

What we offer

Food Solutions

We develop customized solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients. This involves leveraging our extensive expertise to enhance and promote the quality and value of a product. With our help, the benefits of food products are emphasized to pique customer interest. We work closely with many leading brand marketers, agency creatives, and film directors worldwide, offering tailored solutions such as cook-ups to streamline filming processes and ultimately increase productivity and save costs on shooting days.

Recipe Development

Recipe development plays an important role in food advertising as it can help promote and market products and brands. By creating recipes that include a specific product or brand, it can pique consumers' interest and encourage them to buy and try the product. A well-developed recipe can also help strengthen a brand's image. For example, if a recipe contains healthy ingredients or has a unique flavor combination, it can enhance the perception of the brand as innovative and high-quality. Overall, recipe development in advertising can help increase the awareness and sales of a product or brand, improve the brand image, and target a specific audience.

Full Service

As a team with years of expertise, we are capable of providing a comprehensive range of services to meet all of our clients' needs - from consulting, recipe creation, to food styling for TV and print, to food photography, we are flexible enough to cover all aspects of a project from a single source.

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